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Giving to Our Cause

At Blissful Retreat and Rescue, we thrive on the kindness and generosity of our community. With your support, we're able to continue our mission of providing sanctuary and care for displaced animals. Together, we're making a difference one act of compassion at a time.

Help Us Change Lives

Your donation to Blissful Retreat and Rescue supports:

  • The Blissful Retreat and Rescue Scholarship through the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation

  • Voucher programs covering small and large animal care essentials, including vaccination clinics, wormers, groomers, and nutrition

  • A nutrition kiosk to combat hunger in our community

  • Adoption and fostering programs for horses and mini pigs

  • Food and shelter for sanctuary animals


Please join us in making a difference in the lives of animals and humans alike.

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What We've Been Up To!


Thanksgiving 2023

Blissful Retreat and Rescue lent a helping hand to a family of 8 over Thanksgiving providing them with all the groceries needed to make their traditional meal. The family was suggested to us when we reached out to Jackson Elementary School. What a pleasure it was to be able to give a little extra Thanksgiving for this wonderful family!


Christmas 2023

With the assistance of many supporters, Blissful Retreat and Rescue was able to meet the Christmas Wish List for not only the children of an appreciative widower, but also her and her daughter who is also a single mother. It was a group effort and each member received something they wanted, something they needed, something to wear and something to read. Blissful Retreat and Rescue was also able to provide the family with their holiday meal groceries so that they were able to prepare their traditional meal. It was a blessing for everyone involved as well as Jackson Elementary School who suggested this family.

Winter 2024:

Jon and I were traveling down 88 one cold winter morning when off to the side of the road lay a “body”. I couldn’t believe my eyes… we stopped and there was a homeless young man that had been out all night. He was alive but very cold. We contacted 911 and covered him with blankets that we had in the car and waited for help. Once we were back home I purchased items for emergency backpacks for the unhoused: emergency tent, blanket, hand warmers, nutritional bar, water, instant coffee, instant electrolytes. I carry 6 of these around in my car in case we meet someone that may benefit.

We need your help!

As we continue to stumble upon those who need our assistance, Blissful Retreat and Rescue would love your support. 


2022 Scholarship Recipient, Christine

Because of your support, we are proud to announce the recipient of our very first scholarship through Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation, 2022 Scholarship Awards. Congratulations to Christine Chao!


Christine was honored at the Spotlight on Scholarships event on Thursday, May 5th with the $1000 scholarship from Blissful Retreat and Rescue. Christine has expressed that she is more than grateful for this opportunity. Christine Joy Danao Chao, was born on Christmas day of 2003. She is planning to get her master’s in business administration. Her biggest dream in life is to own a shop and become her own boss. Currently, her favorite hobbies are going on walks with her tiny dog and gardening in her backyard. We are proud to be able to fund this scholarship and are thankful for all of the support we have received from the community to make magic like this happen for such an amazing young woman.

2023 Scholarship Recipient, Adriana

Because of your support, we are proud to announce the recipient of our second scholarship through Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation, 2023 Scholarship Awards. Congratulations to Adriana Lopez!


Adriana was honored at the Spotlight on Scholarships event on Thursday, May 4th with the $1000 scholarship from Blissful Retreat and Rescue. Adriana is very grateful for this blessing for her education.  She has many hobbies including learning about her Catholic faith, baking, cooking, arts and crafts, volunteering with animals, throwing hammer for Golden State Throwers in Galt, and she loves spending time with her family.   In the future Adriana hopes to become a Veterinary Ophthalmologist or an Architect. She is very excited to continue growing and learning about herself and bring joy to those around her. 

BRR Second Scholarship Recipient.jpg

Introducing our 2024 Scholarship recipient, Julianna !

CONGRATULATIONS to our 3rd Annual $1000 Scholarship Recipient managed through Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation for Blissful Retreat & Rescue-Baker Family Scholarship.


We are so PROUD to be able to provide these scholarships to this underserved demographic of students. She reminds me a lot of me and I am so excited to be able to mentor her in her Real Estate Career. Your continued support allows us to be able to support so many and I/we can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH!

Julianna's Remarks: My name is Julianna Reyna I want to start off by saying I am beyond grateful for receiving this scholarship. With this scholarship I will be able to continue into college and build my career in Real Estate. I also have a passion for marine biology and hope that it might be something I want to continue with and this scholarship will provide me with the capability of that. I also have a few hobbies one being love art and i have recently completed AP art. Modeling has also recently been a hobby I have taken up. One of the last hobbies I will list is cosmetics I have had a huge passion for cosmetics and learning how to do more with it since I was a young child.


We are always in need of gift cards to:

Amazon, Elk Grove Milling, Home Depot, Lowes, Nick Nimmo Hay, Sheldon Feed, Tractor Supply, Walmart

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