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Blissful Retreat & Rescue

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Lending a helping hand


At Blissful Retreat & Rescue, we lend a helping hand by creating a safe haven for displaced animals, such as horses and mini pigs. Our goal is to assist with fostering and support a healthy holistic approach to mental health through connecting the earth and families with some of its very special creatures.  

Currently, our 3 acre ark is full.  We help and care for those we can here.  Our goal over the next 2 years is to purchase a larger facility allowing us to lend a hand to more.  We may not be able to wrap our arms around everyone but, we are certainly going to try to help as many as we reasonably can.  Our hearts are filled with blissful blessings for all.

Learn more about the team of Blissful Retreat & Rescue and the inspiration behind the non-profit organization.

When you donate to Blissful Retreat and Rescue, you help support local at-risk youth through scholarship programs for their education and vocational training needs. Your donations help support local food closets with the abundance of produce grown on our retreat. We also enlighten those who are curious and share information about horses and mini pigs, such as life expectancy, actual size and mature age. 

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