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Welcome to
Blissful Retreat & Rescue

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Lending a helping hand

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At Blissful Retreat & Rescue, we lend a helping hand by creating a safe haven for displaced animals, such as horses and mini pigs. Our goal is to assist with fostering and support a healthy holistic approach to mental health through connecting the earth and families with some of its very special creatures.  

Currently, our 3 acre ark is full.  We help and care for those we can here.  Our goal over the next 2 years is to purchase a larger facility allowing us to lend a hand to more.  We may not be able to wrap our arms around everyone but, we are certainly going to try to help as many as we reasonably can.  Our hearts are filled with blissful blessings for all.

Learn more about the team of Blissful Retreat & Rescue and the inspiration behind the non-profit organization.

When you donate to Blissful Retreat and Rescue, you help support local at-risk youth through scholarship programs for their education and vocational training needs. Your donations help support local food closets with the abundance of produce grown on our retreat. We also enlighten those who are curious and share information about horses and mini pigs, such as life expectancy, actual size and mature age. 

Our Animals

Our Newest Addition - Princess Penny!

Female French Bulldog, born 12/10/2019

Surrendered 2/7/2023 with IVDD,  this little Princess came to our rescue unable to use her back end. The choice was surrender or euthanasia.  She needed to have her bladder and bowel expressed. She was sad and scared.  We had a lot of transition… Her new home.  Her new people. Her new fur family.  Her new diet plan.  Her new supplements. Her new veterinarians and appts.  Although she is still experiencing some incontinence expression issues, it is simply managed. 💗


She is loving and a bit sassy.  She is Velcro to my side and protective of me.  She is growing muscles in her back end and doing so well with her recovery. I have to remind her that she doesn’t need to regulate the crew and she knows that sometimes she has to stay in her “area” for quiet time.  Her success is attributed to good initial medication,  alot of time in a crate and a lot of love. 


She does have a major challenge ahead. I am both excited for the opportunity for her to breathe better and so very nervous.  Surgery and these short nose breeds is nothing to take lightly.  I also know that as she ages her soft pallet will continue to thicken and her ability to breathe will continue to be more and more of a struggle.  It’s the rock and a hard spot place… I hate that place.  We're currently trying to raise funds for Penny's surgery. If you can donate, we'd greatly appreciate it!




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